Hot Spot Estimating


EQ contains 3D model depictions for the most popular body types e.g 4 door sedan, hatch back and so forth. These images contain Hot Spots for each section on the vehicle. Clicking on a Hot Spot will display the various operations for that section.

For example: If the vehicle to be quoted is a Holden Commodore with a damaged front bumper, you may choose the 4 door sedan option  and click on the front bumper. This will open a panel of all possible work to be done on this Hot Spot (section of car, usually a panel or part). You may then check the box of the job to be done and it will populate the "Estimate Items" grid once "add selected" is pressed.

To learn how to manipulate the model to see all sections, see Working with 3D Images




 Click on video link below to view

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