Create and Maintain Users

Users can be added and edited through the User interface.

This is located under the Company ribbon menu.


A list of existing users is displayed



Create a New User

Click on the New icon to open a blank form

Complete the details of the new user.

Login: Users login name

NumCode: Used for EQ Photos and SFDC login only

Password: User's login password for EQ

Display Name: User's name as displayed in EQ and EQ Photos, and SFDC

Admin: If user has Admin rights

Estimator: If user is an Estimator

Once complete, save and exit



Edit an Existing User

FInd the user to be edited in the list, double click on the user or move to the Details tab

Modify the details as required.

Save and exit



Deleting a User

Users aren't actually deleted but set to Inactive.

To remove a user's login rights, simply take the check out of Active in the top left corner of the User Details.

To see Inactive Users, select the Inactive button on the User list

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