Creating Credit Requests and Credit Notes

When parts need to be returned, a Credit Request can be raised.


To create a Credit Request, the items must first be reciepted against an invoice number.

Choose the Select By and then select Invoice from the drop down list. Locate the invoice number that the parts were purchased on.

For each part to be returned, add a 1 to the Qyt Ret column and place a Check Mark in the check mark column



Select the CR button on the bottom left of the screen, and add a reference number and a date. Then press Save Credit Request.


At that stage, the Select By drop down list should move to Credit Request, with the newly created credit request highlighted. Click on the Credit Request button at the bottom left of the screen to go to the printing screen


The credit request can be printed or emailed



When the Credit Note is issued by the supplier, open up the Select By drop down list and select the credit request for the part.

Highlight the part to be linked to a Credit Note.

Select CN (credit note) on the bottom left of the screen, type in the Credit Note number and the date.

The Post button will then be enabled and the credit can be posted to the accounting system.





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