Data Back Ups

A scheduled task makes a back up of the EQ database at least twice a day.

There are two different versions of the back up:

- Full Back Up

This makes a back up of the data as well as all the images and documents which are contained inside the database structure

- No Docs back up

This backs up just the data - not the images and documents.

 Additional back ups can be set to run - just ask your BMSG representative.


For customers who have purchased an EQ box, the back ups are stored in

c:\eq\backup\db\daily for the full back up

c:\eq\backup\db\nodocs for the no docs back up

The filename structure is

EQ_<Date_TIME>.zip eg

The back up task also deletes old back ups from the folder.


PPG would strongly recommend backing up these folders on to an external hard drive or other such media, separate from the box the application runs on.






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