EQ Photo - Mobile app

EQ Photos app for Apple and Android devices allows you to a take images on your phone or tablet that can be directly uploaded to an estimate via your shops wifi connection.

You will need to download EQ Photos from Apple APP Store or google play.

EQ Photos gives you the option to take photos on your phone and uploaded when you are back on your shops wifi, or alternatively if you are working in your shop, you can take and upload photos directly without having to save them in your phones gallery.


Using EQ Photos

Open EQ Photos our you device be tapping on the icon, you will be see the login screen.

Enter your login in code and press Sign In

At the Search Estimates screen either enter a an estimate number or the registration number of the vehicle and press Submit


EQ Photos will show the Estimates that match your search 


Choose Case Image if you would like the photo to be added to all estimates on the case.

Select Insurance/Private depending on whether you want this photo to be sent to an insurance company or not.

Press Take Picture to take an picture and upload it

Press Pick From Gallery if you have would like to use photos yo uhave already taken


Take a photo with you devices camera and press Use Photo to upload the photo to the estimate.

Repeat for as many photos you require



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