Receipting Parts

When parts have arrived, they must be receipted before the invoice can be posted to the accounting system.

Find the Correct Purchase Order

For manually created purchase orders, the quickest way to open the purchase order to be receipted is go to the Orders icon in the Lists ribbon menu.


Clicking the icon will open the Purchase Orders grid.

The list can be filtered using any of the fields at the top of the grid.

Once the correct purchase order has been located, double click on the row to open the purchase order


 Receipt the parts

1. To receipt items, either click on the check box for each row (item) or click on the check box at the top of the column to select all the items on the order

2. Check the data for accuracy and create the invoice

  • Sell Price
  • Cost Price
  • Quantity

3. Select CI (creditor invoice)

4. Enter the supplier invoice number

5. Set the date to match the supplier invoice date

6. Press Create Doc


 Post to Accounting System

1. Press Save

2. Choose Select by Invoice

3. Ensure the correct invoice number is selected from the list

4. Highlight the invoice row

5. The Post button at the bottom left will then be enabled. Press Post to post to accounting system


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