Estimate Types

EQ allows for creation of various Estimate Types.

  • Insurance Estimate

Should be used where the work to be completed is likely to be paid by an insurance company.
While a Case may contain multiple Insurance Estimates (multiple claim numbers), they must be for the same insurer.

  • Private

When work is to be paid by the customer, a Private estimate can be used. If the customer has insurance work and also requires some private work to be completed at the same time, a Private estimate can also be created. By default, when a private estimate is used, any invoice would be posted to Sundry Debtor account

  • Fleet

Fleet customers are generally regular repeat customers but really are a special case of a Private estimate. A fleet customer would normally have their own debtor account when invoicing.

  • Internal estimates 

Would be used where something required for the job needs to be purchased or labour expended, but cannot be charged to the customer, fleet or insurer. An example might be purchasing a replacement part or repairing a part because it was damaged in the bosdyshop.
Any purchase orders raised that are contained on a purchase order should be posted to an internal general ledger account.

  • Internal (Rework)

Rework is carried out when a previously completed repair needs to be rectified due to faulty workmanship or faulty parts. It cannot be charged to an insurer, customer or fleet.
The costs (either labour or parts) can be charged to an internal general ledger account.

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