Setting up EQ

The following should be carried out to install EQ on a new computer.


  1. Install Windows with computer name to describe the customer who the box is for
    1. Create EQ users - eqsql (Administrator) and eq (Standard)
  2. Install other required software
    1. Sql Express Advanced 2012
    2. Teamviewer -
    3. 7 Zip -
    4. Chrome -
    5. Antivirus (Kaspersky)
  3. Configure Sql Express
    1. Turn on Filestream in Management Studio
    2. Turn on Filestream in Sql Configuration Manager
    3. Enable TCP/IP connections
  4. Configure Teamviewer for Unattended Access
    1. Set computer not to sleep in Power save options
  5. Enable Internet Information Services (IIS)
    1. Turn on Windows Features
  6. Run EqInstaller from c:\installs
    1. Installs the application into the default eq folder
    2. Installs the Service - need to set Service to run as eqsql
    3. Installs the Webservice for EQ Photos, SFDC
    4. Restores the EQ_Blank database
    5. Installs the firewall rules
    6. Installs back up tasks
  7. Add data
    1. Add System users (script available)
    2. Add Main Entity (shop name) (script available)
    3. Add users (script available)
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